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Latest update: Monday, January 3, 2019
Fred Goodman
Join technical analysis expert Fred Goodman as he builds his online encyclopedia of technical market secrets, chapter by chapter.

Latest update
:Christmas Past
January 3, 2019

Boomerang Indicator
: Breadth-Volume  Oscillator
: Bull and Bear Markets
: Markets in Crisis:
* 1941
* 1987

* 1991
: Christmas Past
: Commitment of Traders
: Daily Rating
Growth/Value Oscillator
: GPS: Goodman Price/Volume Stock Selection System

: MiniMax
: Monetary Base
New Highs/New Lows
: Price/Volume Charting
: Price/Volume Charting Long-Term
:  Price/Volume Normalized
Price/Volume Oscillator
: Put/Call Bollinger Bandwidth
: Put/Call Convergence
: Puts, Calls, Volume and and Smart Money
: Short Trend Indicator
Smart Money

: Relative Strength Indicator
: Smart Money Indicator
: Summary Index and Quick Summary Index
SI Rules for Low Volatility Markets
: Summary Index Premature Turns
Technical Trading Model
: Thrust Oscillator
: Timing Trades
: VIX Trading
: Volume-Enhanced Smart Money Indicator
: Volume Oscillator

: Volume, Price, and Days of the Week
: Volume: The 5-Day Average
: Welles Wilder's Average Direction Movement Index
: XAU Oscillator
... just the beginning: more being added all the time!

Fred's latest report

To my readers,

It all started in 1968. Back then I had access to a desk calculator with a magnetic card that could be programmed to perform 60 steps automatically. Using this machine, which had to be fed data by hand, I started looking for the Holy Grail -- the single technical market indicator that could be relied upon to invariably tell me when to buy and when to stand aside.

Now, over forty years later -- having used IBM 360 20's, 300 baud modems and remote computers, and a Radio Shack "Trash-80" in the 70's, a UNIX based machine with 1 meg RAM and a clock speed of 8 in the early 80's that cost $36 thousand, and now a pretty large Dell workstation and all the data riches of the Internet -- I am still looking for that one indicator that will do it all.

But over forty years I learned that no single indicator will ever do it all, and no indicator will even do it consistently. What I have grown to rely upon is a group of indicators that I inspect daily, and a method of averaging the number that are positive, neutral and negative. Even this is not foolproof, but it is useful in guiding me in and out of the market.

I've also learned that every indicator requires interpretation to determine the levels that correspond with bullish conditions and levels that are bearish. No two individuals will analyze a group of indicators in precisely the same manner. It is a subjective analysis that requires attention every day.

I intend to share with you all the indicators that I use, adding to this encyclopedia chapter by chapter until they're all there. But that said, I am certain that there will be changes as we go along -- so I see this as an endless work in process. Today I use 29 indicators, but many more are under study, in the hopes that they will become useful down the road. As I learn more about them, you'll hear about them first -- right here.

Happy trading,

Fred Goodman

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