Technical analysis that brings
science and discipline to investing, every day.
After more than 30 years working with technical analysis of the market, Dr. Fredric Goodman has found the indicators that work, and figured out how to put them together into effective investment strategies and tactics.

Fred knows there's no substitute for expert judgment in investing. But technical analysis helps investors filter out all the blather and hype about stocks and the economy. It's based on hard, objective data from the market itself -- not the half-baked opinions of talking heads on TV who have their own axes to grind.

Fred has dozens of powerful technical indicators. Some are the commonplace ones that you've heard about for years. Others are obscure and esoteric. Many of them he developed himself.

In 1998 Fred developed his proprietary Summary Index, a technique for combining his most potent indicators into

one single super-indicator that generates intermediate-term buy and sell signals.
  • It's Fred's Summary Index that gave a spectacular buy signal on February 24, 2003 -- exactly two weeks before the bottom that launched today's bull market.
  • Did you have the courage to buy the market then? Fred's subscribers did!
  • As of January 6, 2006 the S&P 500 portfolio is up 54.4% and the NASDAQ 100 portfolio is up 74.4%

But that's not all. Fred's approach to winning in the market is always evolving. In December 2003 he developed a new companion super-indicator designed to give short-term buy and sell signals, based on all the same indicators. He calls it the Quick Summary Index.

And in November 2004, Fred introduced the long-term Trend Indicator, to determine how

 much money should be put at risk based on the buy and sell signals of the Summary Index and the Quick Summary Index.

In May 2006, Fred expanded coverage to include the 100 most active Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) presented in a format that makes it easy to see at a glance where the action is.

It all works together in a single integrated investment approach -- Fred's Technical Trading Model.

Readers of Fred's reports see the Technical Trading Model updated every day -- they're the first to learn about new buy and sell signals. 

But more than that, Fred's readers learn about Fred's own personal take on the market that adds color, depth and judgment that goes beyond the indicators.

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