Consistent performance
in bull markets and bear markets.
Take a look at the chart and the table at right. Complex -- but well worth it. Since December 1998, 42 trades and 26 of them winners. And outstanding compound annual results, whether you trade the S&P 500 or the NASDAQ 100.

Fred Goodman has been calculating the Summary Index since December 1998 -- bringing together his most potent indicators into a single super-indicator. In December 2003 he introduced the new Quick Summary Index, based on the same indicators, to capture shorter-term changes in the technical condition of the market. In November 2004 he introduced the long term Trend Indicator, to determine how much money to put at risk when the Summary Index or the Quick Summary Index give a signal. Now, integrated as a single Technical Trading Model, it all works together as a trading discipline that has been tested over both bull markets and bear markets.

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. The chart and table at right show the results of testing the Technical Trading Model from December 1998, based on backtesting indicator readings and Summary Index values that were produced in real-time since that date. Results assume trading at the close on the same day that buy and sell signals were generated. For simplicity, results assume no dividend income, no interest income on cash balances, and no transaction costs.

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